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Filmed LIVE at KIMI’s annual family conference

Speakers: Becky Fischer

The Kingdom of Light series teaches children the important fundamental concepts that God has a kingdom where we become citizens when we are born again. But because God is light, his kingdom is a kingdom of Light. The Bible says we are children of light when we are is and that we are to walk in the light and He is in the light. But we quickly learn that our arch enemy, Satan, also has a kingdom, and it’s a kingdom of darkness.

To us as mature Christian adults it may seem obvious which is which. But to this generation the lines between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness have become seriously blurred. In this series the children learn how to recognize each kingdom and what the characteristics of each one are. They learn the truth about magic, witchcraft and false religions that can be very confusing when they grow up with those things as a normal part of the world around them.

The children will learn that we are called out of darkness to walk in His glorious light. Without ever making a list for them of movies they shouldn’t watch, books they shouldn’t read, or games they shouldn’t play, we simply give them biblical principles for recognizing light and darkness.

“I have been using the “Kingdom of Light” dvd series for the past several weeks in our Sunday School. I have been praying, teaching and training our young ones here in the northeast where witchcraft is commonplace. There was one young lady who broke down after the “Harry Potter” testimony. She said “I didn’t know”. Thank you Becky and your team for being obedient to the Lord and persistent in making these materials available to the rest of the Body.” ~Jeanine B.

MP4 Sermon Downloads include:
1. God Has A Kingdom – $3.95
2. Kingdom Of Darkness – $3.95
3. Children Of Light – $2.95
4. It’s Black & White – $3.95
5. God’s Power vs. Magic – $3.95
6. You Are The Light Of The World – $3.95

Data DVD with 6 MP4 videos on one disc – $12.95

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  1. 5 out of 5

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    There is no way to tell you what a blessing this is! I have FIVE little boys that will be taught the Word of God! My own 2 grandsons that are 7 and 8, and 3 more that call me “Mimi Rachel” that are 6, 4 and 2. No matter the age, the anointing on Becky captures the spiritual ears of little ones and they actually LISTEN!! They cannot/will not hover around a small computer screen, but they sit spell-bound and watch Becky on the big tv. ~Rachael Howard

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