It’s very easy to purchase and download a variety of our products.

Step One: Purchase the download.

Step Two: INSTANTLY after you purchase, you are taken to a page that says “Thank you. Your order has been received.” Look carefully at the image below. You will see three items circled in red. They say “Download File”. Next to them is the name of the product you purchased. Click on that title and instantly a window will open and you need to find the place you want to save it. Remember it, so you know where to look for it on your computer. Keep reading below…..


 Step Three: If you miss that page, no worries. Go to your email box immediately and you will have received an email that says: “Your order is complete – download your files.” This is what it looks like below.

You will get two emails–one is from Paypal concerning your payment. And the other is from us with your download links in them. Do not look for your links in the Paypal receipt. Paypal is not going to send your links. Instead look for an email directly from Kids in Ministry International. It looks like the one below.

Notice once again the products that are circled in red. They say DOWNLOAD. Click on the title of the product and you will be able to download it instantly. Make sure you take notice and remember where you saved it on your computer.

If you still have problems contact our office at Thank you for your business!

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