God’s Generals for Kids

god's generals Kathryn Kuhlmangod's generals Smith WigglesworthIf you have been around very long in charismatic circles, you have no doubt heard the name Robert’s Lairdon and an extremely popular video series he created as just a teenager himself called “God’s Generals.” The Holy Spirit had instructed him to do some in depth research on the lives of some of the greatest Christian men and women in history and produce an historical library of things like their

  • Books
  • Journals
  • Letters
  • Sermon transcripts
  • Sound and Image recordings
  • Clothing and other personal effects
  • Buildings
  • Artifacts

OllyPeople included ranged form Martin Luther, to John Hus, George Fox, John Wesley to more modern day ministers such as Kathryn Kuhlman, Billy Graham and others.

Now for the first time children’s minister Olly Goldenberg, on staff at Kensington Temple in London for fifteen years, has partnered with Roberts to write books on the great men and women for children. He has completed the first three in the series focusing on Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Kuhlman, and John Alexander Dowie.

These are treasures for our children, and we highly recommend you get the entire series as it becomes available. Our Christian children need to know their spiritual heritage and the path that was broken open for us to serve Christ today. They need to know these giants of the faith as heroes to look up to and follow.