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The Blood of Jesus Paperback ONLY $10!!!


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The good news for you is we need to get rid of our OLD inventory to make way for the NEW! So, all KIMI curriculums will be on sale at ONLY $10 while supplies last! Order now! (Does noT apply to PDF downloads. PDFs are already the NEW VERSIONS!)

We cannot possibly fully understand our salvation and what it does for us if we do not understand the important sacrifice of the blood of Jesus.

One of the most critical and foundational topics you can teach your children about is the blood of Jesus. This is a thorough study on what the Bible has to say about the Blood of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation, and it’s relevancy to our lives and salvation. These lessons help our children make sense of how the Old Testament Bible stories are important to understanding Jesus.

“Magnify that blood and the Lamb who shed the blood. Give bold testimony to the power of that blood” Stanley H. Frodsham (General Secretary of the Assemblies of God, 1916)

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony…” Revelation 12:11

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Pricing is as follows:

BEST BUY: Paperback: $79.95
PDF Download: $64.95


This curriculum will take your children from the Garden of Eden where blood was shed for sins for the first time all the way to the book of Revelation when the blood ultimately makes us victorious over all. In every book of the Bible we can follow the “scarlet thread” where the significance of the blood is hidden. For those who use our entire set of curriculum, this is one of the most colorful and popular series we have.

13 Lesson Titles:
You’ve never have never heard it taught this way before!

* A Story About Blood
* Why Blood?
* Types & Shadows
* Like Father, Like Son
* Our Passover Lamb
* Healing in the Blood
* The Blood of Bulls & Goats
* The Most Holy Place
* The High Priest*
* The Blood Covenant
* The Son of Promise
* The Communion Table
* Pleading the Blood

What’s Included:

* 13 dynamic lessons
* 13 skits for either drama or puppetry
* 13 Power Verse Activities
* 13 Experiencing God Sessions
* Multiple Objects Lessons Per Lesson
* 15 Review Questions for each lesson
* 10 Scriptures Per Lesson for a Sword Drill

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