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Jesus Our Healer ONLY $10!!!



The good news for you is we need to get rid of our OLD inventory to make way for the NEW! So, many KIMI curriculums will be on sale at only $10 while supplies last! Order now! (Does not apply to PDF downloads. PDFs are already the NEW VERSIONS!)

Brace yourself for a breakout of the supernatural in your children as you teach Jesus Our Healer!

Jesus never put an age limit on who could walk in the supernatural and who couldn’t. He simply said “They that believe will lay hands of the sick and they shall recover.” If a child believes, he qualifies for signs and wonders. Kids today are not satisfied to know that Jesus healed the sick or that grown-ups can do it. They want to experience it for themselves!

What Makes KIMI Curriculums so Unique? 
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Pricing is as follows:

BEST BUY: Paperback: $79.95  (Comes with a Free PDF Download link on inside cover)
PDF Download: $64.95

These thirteen meaty lessons will lay an excellent foundation in your children for what the Bible has to say about healing the sick. It includes excellent understanding of what faith really is. This series will ground them solidly on the word so they are well equipped to step out boldly to see God work miracles in their lives. Children are drawn to the supernatural like a moth is drawn to the light. Take advantage of that natural interest and hunger and teach them the Bible way to heal the sick.

What’s Included:

* 13 dynamic lessons
* 9 skits for either drama or puppetry
* 13 Power Verses & Discussions
* Multiple Objects Lessons Per Lesson
* 15 Review Questions for each lesson
* Scripture Contest for each Lesson
* 13 Experiencing God Suggestions:
(Ideas on how to activate your children into healing the sick and bring them into the presence of the Lord.)


Lesson Titles:

* The Great Physician
* Where Does Sickness Come From?
* By His Stripes We Are Healed
* To You I Give the Power
* Expect a Miracle
* The Gift of Faith
* Healings or Miracles?
* What It Really Means to Believe
* The Secret to Jesus’ Healing Ministry
* Bible Patterns for Healing the Sick
* There Is No Formula
* Beliefs that Rob Us of Healing
* Don’t Give Up!



Weight 5.00 lbs