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Come Grieve Through Our Eyes


How do you give comfort and support to grieving parents who have lost a child, when you can only imagine what that is like? To be quite honest, those nice Christian clichés just don’t work and can actually be hurtful and damaging. It can even make these precious parents even more angry at God and causing them to pull away from others, isolating themselves in a very dark world of intense pain and grief. Laura lost her own daughter Becca a few years ago, so she speaks from personal experience and through counseling others. She shares the “dos and don’ts,” taking you into the world of a bereaved parent, so that you can be one of the rare people who can journey with a grieving parent to a place of hope, light, and life again after the death of their child.

Laura Diehl was an indispensable member of our leadership team for ten years, director of KIMI Wisconsin, and fully handled the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry and PowerClubs all by herself. Her new book “Come Grieve Through Our Eyes” is also available in our store.

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