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God’s Supernatural Kingdom


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Most of us can agree that understanding the Kingdom of heaven, i.e. God’s Supernatural Kingdom, can be difficult, even for adults.

But Jesus said that those who are the greatest in the kingdom of heaven are children. He said the Kingdom of heaven (which is God’s supernatural kingdom) belongs to the children! (Mark 10:13-16)

If this is true, then certainly children can learn about God’s supernatural kingdom easily when it presented to them in age-appropriate ways.

Our God is a Supernatural God

If the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to children, then it is not a stretch to believe that children then can operate supernaturally in that supernatural kingdom. Children can learn about God’s true supernatural power, which is operating in the nine gifts of the Spirit. They need to learn what the Devil has to offer through magic and witchcraft, are simply cheap counterfeits of what God offers.

That’s what will happen as you teach these powerful, yet simple lessons to your children.

Kids Are Hungry for the Supernatural

I have said repeatedly since this ministry began, “Kids are hungry for the supernatural.” I constantly preach to anyone who will listen that they are drawn to the supernatural like a moth is drawn to the light. Unfortunately, most of the time they can find the supernatural everywhere except in our churches, where they should be finding the true, glorious, powerful supernatural presence of the living God in an ongoing, life-changing basis.

It’s no wonder they are flocking to Harry Potter and similar types of media entertainment! He is filling a deep spiritual need in their heart of hearts!

We Focus on the Positive Power of God

Today’s young people are surrounded on every level with witchcraft, casting spells, magic, and many other elements of the supernatural. By the time they reach their teen years, they are insensitive to to their dangers, and do not consider them contrary to their Christian beliefs.

They need to know our God is much more powerful than the enemy. But they seldom realize that when all around them is the seeming power of witchcraft and magic.

In these lessons, our primary focus is on the positive power of the Holy Spirit. After weeks of studying God’s supernatural power, we then add in a couple of lessons about the dark side of the supernatural to show that what we have always thought was huge, is actually very insignificant in comparison to the power of God.

We lead the children into a desire to experience the true supernatural power of God. That will walk away understanding there is no comparison between the power of the Holy Spirit, and the counterfeit supernatural.

God’s Supernatural is Real

We must teach our children how to hear God’s voice, because they are already hearing voices, and they need to know how to distinguish the voices they are hearing. We teach them on purpose Jesus gave them the power to heal the sick in His name. We teach them what Jesus said (my translation), “You’re going to do greater things than I do because I am going to my Father, but the Holy Spirit is coming here to earth and He’s going to live in you and give you the power to do miracles.” Jesus said, “to you I give the power!”

There is a Real Kingdom of Darkness

It is important, in our current culture, to teach kids what God says about the kingdom of darkness. The majority of Christian children are never taught, and it leaves them vulnerable to the Enemy’s deceptions.

Surprisingly, Christian children are seldom taught about the spirit world and don’t realize there is something more than the natural world around us. Our kids need to know about the spirit world. We must go to great pains in our teachings to educate them in this by talking about how they’re created in God’s image, how that they are a spirit.

Parents Are Key to Training their Children

When parents, children’s ministers, or church leader deliberately bring children into the presence of God and teach them how to respond, the glory of God fills the atmosphere. Children and teens frequently begin to melt in His tender presence into a heap of emotion and tears. They begin to feel His presence, hear His voice, sense His love. Kids are hungry for the supernatural. It’s here they can distinguish between the real and the counterfeit supernatural.

God’s Supernatural Kingdom is one of the most powerful curriculums Becky Fischer has ever written! If you liked our curriculum Hearing God’s Voice, you will LOVE God’s Supernatural Kingdom! Our curriculums were written specifically for Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Spirit-Filled churches.

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Written by Becky Fischer

(Formerly titled the Kingdom of Light)

14 Lesson Titles in God’s Supernatural Kingdom:

  • God Has a Kingdom
  • Expanding the Kingdom
  • Father of Lies
  • Heaven
  • Heaven on Earth
  • A Kingdom of Power
  • God’s Thoughts
  • God’s Super Powers
  • Gifts of Revelation
  • Angels By My Side
  • False Signs & Wonders
  • Called Out of Darkness
  • The Word is Light
  • You are Now the Light


What’s Included In God’s Supernatural Kingdom curriculum?

  • 14 Dynamic Lessons
  • 14 PowerVerses for Memorizing
  • 14 Dramatized Bible Stories
  • 14 Ideas Altar/Prayer Times
  • Multiple Objects Lessons Per Lesson
  • 15 Review Questions for each lesson
  • 10 Scriptures Per Lesson for a Sword Drill
  • Ideas to Partner with Parents Weekly
  • Download Packet of PowerPoints, Images
  • YouTube Video Links to Enhance each Lesson
  • Ideas to Create Your Own Kingdom of Light
  • Ideas to Make Your Own Bible Costumes
  • List of Links to Buy Key Visuals and Object Lessons

TESTIMONIAL: Angie Pulsifer, Ontario, Canada, wrote on Facebook: The material in God’s Supernatural Kingdom is powerful and I highly recommend it! The kids we are teaching love the material and they are going much deeper with God! The questions we had this week from 6-12 year olds were very deep! This curriculum is a great tool for taking your kids ministry to deeper levels in God! The kids are very enthusiastic to learn more each week and they are getting the importance of working with God on His plan to bring His Kingdom to earth through us His people! It amazes me how much more God is showing them in their soaking time, after the lesson! We are praising God for the great things He is doing!




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