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Great Ideas For A Spirit-Filled Pre-School Class


Speaker: Nila Burge

Who would ever believe that it was possible to bring the presence of God into your preschool Sunday School class? The truth is, preschool children have a great capacity to interact with God, and Nila Burge can tell you how it is done. A mother of four, and head of the nursery and preschool department of her local church for many years, Nila is full of ideas and Holy-Ghost testimonies of how God has shown up in her preschool ministry. She’s a hilarious speaker, but brings some awesome, creative, and easy-to-do ideas on how introduce the things of the Spirit to the littlest of saints. Whether you are a parent of preschoolers, or a church volunteer, you will thoroughly enjoy learning about leading a Spirit-Filled preschool class.

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