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Magic & the Bible


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Our culture today is saturated with magic, witchcraft, witches, celebrations of the dead, casting spells, and much more. Our kids are trapped in a world of movies, books, video games, cartoons, and more. They are at the mercy of this encroaching paganism and few in church leadership ever take the time to explain what it is all about. It is all anti-God and anti-Bible! Even most Christian parents see to be speechless in trying to explain why these things are wrong, and why we don’t celebrate Halloween, etc.

Well, this book aims to solve all of that. The time has come to spell it out clearly in black and white. No more pussy-footing around! In Magic and the Bible, we tell it like it is.

There are 51 full color pages, and each page covers one topic.  (The paperback version will be available towards the end of October.) We discuss things like:

Angels * Demons * Satan * The Invisible World * Witches * Zombies * Vampires * Magic * Ghosts * Casting Spells * Witchcraft * Talking to the Dead* Seances* Psychics* Fortune Telling* Ouija Boards* Halloween* Watching movies about Witchcraft * Bible Stories about Magic and Witches

What are Christians supposed to do about these things? Great for family discussions or lessons for Sunday School or children’s church! It’s time to let our kids know the truth and prepare them to confront the culture in which they live with confidence. A beautiful way to let them discover how relevant the Bible is to everyday situations. Dozens of scripture references!


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