Awakening a Heart of Prayer in Children – SSCM Level 2



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Speaker Becky Fischer

When taught how to pray over important, relevant issues, children love to pray. And they are good at it. Prayer results in every core value we believe children need to become activated members in the body of Christ. In prayer they learn to hear God’s voice. They gain a biblical worldview,  they experience God’s presence and as prayers are answered, they see the supernatural hand of God change people and circumstances. Equipping children to pray teaches them to take their places with adults in the Kingdom of God.

PLEASE NOTE: You can save money by buying the DVDs or the MP4s as a complete set. But if finances are an issue, remember, you can also buy and download one lesson at a time as you can afford it! Be sure to ask about becoming a certified graduate, however, which means you will want to enroll in advance of starting the course. To enroll to become certified, download this set of forms (click here) and return them to our office at

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MP4 $4.95

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