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Spiritually Parenting Your Preschooler


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By C. Hope Flinchbaugh

Seventy-five percent of a child’s character is developed by the time he is five years old, which means that parents of preschoolers have a big responsibility (and a lot of fun!) ahead of them. A warm and delightful book, written in parent-to-parent style with splashes of “close to home” humor, Spiritually Parenting Your Preschooler helps parents to:

* Teach your infant, toddler or preschooler to encounter God in a real way
* Win the two-year-old “no-no war” without emotional scars
* Build Christ esteem in your adopted child
* Raise your child alone
* Experience spontaneous praise and worship with your toddler
* Select the school that is right for your child and holds fast to your values
* Discover exciting tools to help your child model God’s life and words
* Hear your child pray, expecting answers…and then see the miracles!

In addition to the humor, sensitivity and helpful information found in these pages, your entire family will be blessed with these practical and godly guidelines for parenting. You’ve heard all the practical parenting advice-now here’s the wisdom that you need to spiritually parent your preschooler.

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