What Christian Parents Can Learn from Mormons, Muslims, & Jews – SSCM #18



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Speaker: Becky Fischer, Founder/Director of Kids in Ministry International

Statistically, a huge majority of Christian kids abandon their faith when they become teens and young adults. The average thirteen year old raised in Christian homes say they do not plan to continue going to church when they leave home. That is why we want to explore What Christian Parents Can Learn from Mormons, Muslims, & Jews.

Yet Mormon youth are the most committed to their faith of all religious groups, and Orthodox Jews have approximately an 80-90% retention rate for their children staying in the faith. Muslim teens are committed to faith to the degree they are willing to die for it. So what do Jewish and Muslim parents know that Christian parents don’t?

There is a lot we can learn from their parenting styles. Becky takes much of her teaching in this DVD from interviews with Orthodox Jewish parents, a woman who was a nanny in a Mormon home for 18 years, and a young man, now born again and spirit filled, who was born and raised as a Palestinian Muslim.

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