IMG_7757Becky Fischer was the guest speaker at the 2015 Summer family camp at Mt. Tambourine in January. It was hosted and sponsored by Children of Destiny and director Shirley Fryer. Shirley and her whole team hosted over 170 children and parents for four days of exciting fun, worship, and ministry.

Becky spoke on the topic of the Glory of God. Included were teachings on the Old Testament tabernacle of Moses, complete with the construction of a Holy of Holies, big enough to hold the Ark of the Covenant and the High Priest.

IMG_8442Dedication to the Lord

Parents and leaders alike were amazed at the depth of teaching that captivated the children, not to mention the amount of information they retained. Parents commented on how they were able to repeat many of the concepts in the lessons, and how it impacted them. The presence of God was very sweet and very special. The children and adults had a night of dedicating themselves to the Lord in the same way as Aaron the High Priest was dedicating—by smearing fake blood on their right ear lobes, thumbs, and right big toe.

IMG_8183Going into the Holy of Holies

The last night was the most incredibly moving night when we tore the veil of the Holy of Holies in two, and each person had an opportunity to go into the presence of God for themselves. We encouraged them all to pretend that the High Priest was Jesus, and to thank him for his sacrifice. The children took it very seriously, and some of the photos were very touching.

There was a children’s ministers and parents one day seminar following the camp led by Becky. It was an informal time of sharing information and fielding questions about working with kids and what is needed to disciple them in this hour.

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Future Family Events with Becky

Shirley Fryer and Children of Destiny have invited Becky to winter camp in July of 2016. Be watching our calendar for exact dates and details.










On child was healed of warts all around his mouth. (Click on picture to enlarge.)