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Free Children’s Church Lessons

Download the following free children’s church lessons from our Kids in Ministry Curriculums, use them in your church, and share with others. We hope by doing so you will consider purchasing the full curriculums for your children’s ministry.

Download all of these outstanding Kids in Ministry curriculum lessons, and you will quickly see what makes us different than any others in the marketplace.

What’s Inside these Free Children’s Church Lessons

Each averages 13 to 17 weeks of material. Many users tell us they are not able to complete one lessons a week because there is so much good material in them. They typically get two weeks of material out of one lesson.

Each lessons contains:

  • A Leader’s Overview
  • The Sermon (Lesson) in 4 parts
  • Multiple Object Lesson ideas in Each Lesson Part
  • A Drama Skit or Dramatized Bible Story
  • Time with God Altar service
  • Review Questions
  • Extra Scriptures to look up on the topic 
  • (Sword Drill)


  • Our Amazing God     Simple children’s church lessons covering 5 basic doctrines: salvation, water baptism, communion, the Trinity, baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • Hearing God’s Voice    Hearing God’s voice is a critical part of every Christian’s walk with the Lord. Childhood is the perfect time to learn it. It may someday save their lives.
  • God’s Supernatural Kingdom   The Kingdom belongs to children. They understand it if it is taught on their level. This is a guide to equipping kids to walk in God’s supernatural kingdom
  • There’s Power in the Blood     Understanding the Power in the Blood of Jesus is critical to Christian faith. Children need to know There’s Power in the Blood of Jesus.
  • I’ve Got Good News!  The message of salvation in Jesus is a bundle of good news our kids to know for themselves, but also for sharing with others. It’s a supernatural adventure.
  • Prayer Power!   Prayer Power is about teaching kids to pray life-changing, Holy Ghost shaking prayers that shifts things in the spirit realm changing people and nations.
  • I Can Heal the Sick   I can heal the sick. Kids are not satisfied to know that Jesus or grown-ups can do it. It’s something kids want to experience for themselves.
  • My Jewish Roots    If we don’t understand Israel, we can’t really understand our Christian faith. Jesus wasn’t a Christian. He was a Jew. Kids need to know our Jewish roots.
  • Preschoolers in His Presence    Preschoolers in His Presence – Yes! It can really happen. Preschoolers can be saved, filled, hear God’s voice, heal the sick, and more! They learn quickly!
  • Worship the King    Train a generation who will worship the King with reverence and awe, and develop an intimate relationship with their heavenly Father through worship.


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