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Creative Use of Drama – SSCM Level 1


Speaker: Becky Fischer
Director of Kids in Ministry Int’l

Packaging the Word of God in creative and interesting ways is key to helping children embrace, enjoy, and love your Bible lessons. As a teaching tool, using creative drama skits is one of the best ways to help kids remember important principles from the Bible.

Drama skits should be in every teacher’s tool belt. It livens up the classroom. It can change the atmosphere from something serious to lighthearted humor. But especially for those using KIMI curriculums, using the drama skits is so important. They present the central core of each lesson in a five-minute storyline. Every lesson in seven of our curriculums contains excellent drama skits and to leave them out of the KIMI lessons is truly cheating your children. One teenager said once, “I’ve learned more from acting in your skits than I have sitting in Sunday School my whole life!”

Many teachers say, “But our church is small. I don’t have enough people to have a drama team.” Others say, “We just have time to do rehearsals!” This SSCM session is just for you! It shows you FOUR DIFFERENT WAYS to use drama skits even if you have no drama team and no practice time.

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