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Hindi Version – Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century


If you are Hindi speaking or conduct ministry trips to India, please be aware we have Becky Fischer’s best-selling book in the Hindi Language. Together let’s invade India with a supernatural gospel for India’s next Generation!

Research shows that by the time many children are thirteen years old they feel they know everything there is to know about the Bible and God, and feel no further need of attending church. Could this be because we have underestimated their spiritual potential, and been content to feed them a repetitive spiritual diet of basic Bible stories over and over again? Just how many ways can we repackage Noah’s Ark anyway? It’s time the collective body of Christ re-evaluate children’s ministries and redefine what valid, disciple-making, equipping children’s ministry really is.

Available in Download version only on this site. However, if you live in India, or will be traveling there, paperback versions of the book are available by contacting our KIMI India Director, Christine Soude, at

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“This book will awaken the spirit stirring up parents and teachers to take children to the next level with the Lord. It gives us the responsibility to pour out opportunities for children to be lavished in the presence of God, experience the supernatural, and learn to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It us a must read for parents, pastors, and those who minister to children. Becky’s ministry is a wake-up call as it flips the usual perspective of children’s ministry upside down.” –Connie McKenzie, Children’s

Ministry Director, Christ For the Nations “Becky’s book is a long awaited answer to my prayers! It bares her soul. Mine, too. And God’s heart, indeed. Becky is thorough and forthright in addressing some pretty naked truths about where the church is today in contrast to where it should be regarding its own children. However, she clothes these truths with a humble, yearning spirit that also comes through loud and clear.” –Esther Ilnisky, author of “Let the Children Pray,” Founder of The Esther Network

“Becky Fischer is an incredible apostolic mother to the emerging generation of children. She is one of the lead voices for training the next generation not just to know the Bible as a history book but to be able to do today what they did in the book of Acts.” –Stacey Campbell, Revival Now! and Be a Hero Ministries

“This book is a must read for all parents, children’s workers, and those longing to see kids experience more of the Father and His power in their lives at a young age. Here is a tool to equip you to empower this generation in a tangible way. I value the ease with which this book comes across and it has really challenged me to press into the ‘more’ for this generation.” –Daphne Clark, Children’s Pastor, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

“I believe Becky is writing some of the greatest groundbreaking material about children today. Her passion and heart for children along with her ability to communicate the importance of training children to do the work of the ministry is unparalleled. This book is a call for a completely new way we should look at children’s ministry. –John Tasch, Tasch Ministries International