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The Tabernacle Pattern of Children’s Ministry


Speaker: Becky Fischer

Our primary goal in every children’s service is to take boys and girls into the presence of God. We do this by using the pattern of the Old Testament Tabernacle of the Outer Court, Inner Court, and Holy of Holies. We take the children from the Outer Court, where they are physically active through games and music, to the Inner Court, where their minds are engaged through the teaching of the Word, then into the Holy of  Holies, where the Holy Spirit can minister to their hearts and spirits. This unique pattern makes a powerful combination of activities that ministers to each child’s spirit, soul, and body.

If you have only experienced a traditional Sunday School in your local children’s ministry, this exciting session will teach you how to put an effective children’s church service together which activates children in the spirit. This is the format used in our KIMI PowerClub services.

“Fantastic teaching by Becky!I so enjoyed this lesson on the Tabernacle Pattern of doing Children’s Ministry. Though the material is not new, the teaching is so anointed and I was so blessed as I listened!” Anne

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