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Worship the King!


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19 Powerful Mini- Lessons!

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By Author Malene Anderson
Director of Kids in Ministry Zambia

This series of foundational lessons on the topic of praise and worship were originally written for the wonderful children of Zambia, a poor nation in Eastern Africa. But no matter where we live, children need to learn that God’s call for true worshipers goes beyond simply meeting to sing songs.

The lifestyle of a worshiper is based on obedience and surrender to God as we grow in knowledge of Him through His word. Out of an intimate relationship with the Father flows the heart of worship, pouring out our love for Him. Worship is about drawing near and giving worth to the One we love and adore. God has created children to worship Him, but they need to be taught both why and how to worship.

The author writes, “I long to see a generation rising who will worship God with all their hearts and put Him first in their lives; a generation who will worship the King with reverence and awe, and develop an intimate relationship with their heavenly Father through worship. A generation of passionate lovers that will bring the presence of God to all spheres of society. I believe praise and worship will open heaven for children to minister in signs, wonders and miracles.”

This curriculum teaches children biblical worship and expose them to a variety of ways of praise and worship. It gives you as a leader tools to train children to listen to the Holy Spirit and respond to the presence of God in worship.”

Worship the King Sample Lesson

  1. The Tabernacle as a “Type and Shadow”
  2. Entering the Gate
  3. Outer Court
  4. Praise!
  5. Sacrificial Worship
  6. Inner Court
  7. Holy of Holies
  8. Worship with Reverence and Awe
  9. A Spiritual House
  10. Colors & Banners
  11. Worshiping the Father
  12. In Spirit
  13. And in Truth
  14. True Worshipers
  15. Angels & Worship
  16. Sing a New Song
  17. Waiting on the Lord
  18. Worship Prepares the Way for the Prophetic
  19. Releasing God’s Kingdom



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