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Hindi KIMI Curriculums


Our KIMI India Director has translated four of our KIMI curriculums into her native language, Hindi. Available here are:

Our Amazing God
Hearing God’s Voice
The Great Commission
Preschoolers in His Presence

Available in Download version only on this site. However, if you live in India, or will be traveling there, printed versions of the curriculums are available by contacting our KIMI India Director, Christine Soude, at

When you donate to Kids in Ministry, you are helping us support PowerClubs in India.

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(Call for special pricing for missions ventures.)

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Kids in Ministry International has highly qualified directors in six different nations, and many of our other KIMI leaders have gone into at least 18 different nations to train parents, Sunday School teachers, and children’s pastors to work with children in keeping with our vision of equipping the little saints to do the works of Jesus. They train people to start and lead children’s ministries called “PowerClubs.”

Every time we go into a new nation, we require our hosts to make an investment in our coming. Knowing they cannot possibly pay our airfare or any of our other expenses, we require them to partner with us buy translating at least one of our curriculums in to their language at their expense. In this way we now have at least one or more of our books or curriculums translated into 18 different languages.

We are making these materials available to you for very low prices and sometimes for free because it is our desire to help as many poor nations as possible to have materials to teach their children with. Some nationals have actually cried when we handed them our curriculums, telling us they had never seen children’s material translated into their languages. But even when the translations are free, it still costs us thousands of dollars a year to print them out, to go, and to help the new PowerClub leaders have basic materials to keep their Clubs running. (Just FYI, an average trip to one of these nations to conduct a training is $2500 per person.)

If you are able, we would deeply appreciate your support. If you are a missionary, if you have friends in these nations you want to help, or if you just believe in what we are doing, we are asking you  to help us keep going. People don’t normally think of Kids in Ministry International as a “missions” organization, but we truly are. We are now reaching over 23,000 boys and girls every week through our 455 PowerClubs with over a thousand trained PC leaders in eighteen nations. We need your prayers and your support. Thank you for giving to PowerClubs.


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