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Jesus Camp My Story


By Becky Fischer

A Biographical Review of the Oscar Nominated Movie “Jesus Camp” with never before seen photos of the camp.

What really happened behind the scenes of this controversial documentary movie? Amid accusations of child abuse, brainwashing, and indoctrinating children, Becky Fischer, a Pentecostal children’s pastor of twenty years, allowed this movie to continue to be played and sold even though many movie reviews and news commentators said it held her and her ministry up to serious scrutiny.

Why didn’t she renounce it like many Christian leaders thought she should? Why didn’t she back away from it when many critics felt it put Christianity in a negative light? Read the amazing testimonies of lives of people who were positively impacted all over the world from watching this intriguing look into a Pentecostal children’s camp.

Paperback, 201 pages, $12.95

PDF Download – $6.95


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This book will answers these questions and more including:

* Why did Becky allow the movie to be made in the first place? 

* Was it true she was raising up children as Christian jihadists?

* What was behind the negative comments about Harry Potter?

* What was in the controversial sermon on abortion that stirred the children up so emotionally?

* What are Evangelical Christians really like? What do they believe?

* Whatever happened to the featured children? Are they okay?


With Forward by Dr. Ted Baehr, Author, Syndicated Columnist, Media Pundit MOVIEGUIDE® Christian Film & Television Commission® “Becky Fischer shows in this book that what the producers may have intended for evil, God has used for good. JESUS CAMP: My Story is well worth reading.”




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