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Hearing Gods Voice


Written by Becky Fischer Thirteen Lessons, 198 pages

Next to salvation and the baptism in the Holy Spirit, there is not another subject more critical for children to learn than hearing God’s voice and being led by His Spirit.

Knowing how to be led by the Spirit, which is the basis of godly decision making, could save their lives in a dangerous and confusing world. Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice,” but too often we forget to teach the “lambs” what it sounds like. This series takes kids from the basics all the way to seeing prophetic visions and dreams, and learning how to interpret them from scripture.

You will see Joel 2:28 come to pass before your eyes when “your sons and daughters prophecy.” They will also learn how to recognize the enemy’s counterfeit supernatural that attempts to mimic the Gifts of the Spirit.

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The principles used in Hearing God’s Voice are the exact same principles needed to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. The content of these lessons will lay the foundations of operating in the prophetic realm for your children. What’s Included: * 12 dynamic lessons * 12 skits for either drama or puppetry * 12 Power Verse Discussions * Multiple Objects Lessons Per Lesson * 15 Review Questions for each lesson * Scripture Contest for each Lesson * Lesson 13 designed for kids to conduct service


13 Lesson Titles for Hearing God’s Voice curriculum:

* The Natural World vs. the Spirit World
* God Has a Still, Small Voice
* Red Light, Green Light
* We’re Led By Peace
* The Magnetic Pull of the Spirit
* His Word is a Lamp to Our Feet
* Young Men Shall See Visions
* Dreaming Dreams
* Interpreting Dreams and Visions
* The Spoken Word of God
* Angelic Visitations and Open Visions
* The Enemy’s Counterfeit
* What Do You See?


Additional resources for your Hearing God’s Voice series is this beautiful vinyl banner 3 ft x 8 ft in size. Or download the image and print with a local vendor. Click here for more details.

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