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God is Talking. Are You Listening? (For Teens)


Author – Becky Fischer

(This is a modified version of Becky Fischer’s book “God’s Voice & the Gifts of the Spirit” for adults.)

A Special Message to Teens:

Some of the most important decisions you will ever make will be made in your teen years when you are still just figuring out what life is all about. But unfortunately, it’s during these years you have the least amount of life experiences that are needed to make sound, mature decisions. Regardless, of good or bad, these choices will affect you and those you love for the rest of your lives. Of course, people still make bad decisions as adults, too, but it’s important to learn as early in life as possible how to hear God’s voice and be led by His Spirit.

If you are Christian, God has made every effort possible to help you on your journey. Our God is a talking God. He wants to communicate with you. He started talking to people in the Garden of Eden, and He has never stopped talking since. He wants to help you make the right choices. He wants to lead and guide you throughout life. But you need to learn how to hear His voice to navigate life well. But even better, once you learn how to hear His voice and be led by His Spirit, life becomes an amazing adventure filled with supernatural signs, wonders and miracles like you have never imagined!

157 pages
Reading Age: 12 to 17
Grades 7 to 12
5.5″ x 8.5″ Size

Paperback $10.99
PDF Download $8.99


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