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Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century


Redefining Children’s Ministry is a must if we are to raise a new generation to follow Christ with their whole hearts. Research shows that by the time many children are thirteen years old they feel they know everything there is to know about the Bible and God, and feel no further need of attending church. Could this be because we have underestimated their spiritual potential, and been content to feed them a repetitive spiritual diet of basic Bible stories over and over again? Just how many ways can we repackage Noah’s Ark anyway? It’s time the collective body of Christ re-evaluate children’s ministries and redefine what valid, disciple-making, equipping children’s ministry really is.

“… I’m about half way through the book. IT IS SOOOO GOOD! Reading it has completely reignited the fire I was feeling while going through the SSCM videos. I am so blessed and encouraged! I totally want to be on the front lines of all of this! I’ve been praying “Here am I LORD, send me. I’m ready and willing!” -from Natalie in Florida

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 Reviews on Redefining Children’s Ministry

“I believe Becky is writing some of the greatest groundbreaking material about children today. Her passion and heart for children along with her ability to communicate the importance of training children to do the work of the ministry is unparalleled. This book is a call for a completely new way we should look at children’s ministry.

–John Tasch, Tasch Ministries International

Becky Fischer speaks with authority into the lives of a new generation of children and youth. While she is an incredible apostolic mother to the emerging generation of children, her message is for all generations. She is one of the leading voices for training the next generation to know the Bible as more than a history book as she also to teaches them to do signs and wonders today like they did in the book of Acts.
The coming revival will be an intergenerational move of God. Becky reminds us we cannot forget to bring the children with us.
–Wes and Stacey Campbell
Revival Now and Be a Hero Ministries

I love and appreciate Becky Fischer and her heart for children. We were blessed to have Becky as the children’s pastor to our XP Church
online for two years reaching families around the world. We were impressed to see the depth of teaching she provided to the children,
and fully back her in what she is contributing to the world of children’s ministry by teaching the strong meat of the word and bringing kids
into signs and wonders. We respect and honor her deeply.
—Patricia King
XP Ministries
Women on the Frontlines

Becky Fischer was our children’s pastor at Morningstar Church in Wilkesboro, NC when Denise and I pastored there. We saw firsthand
the fruit of her ministry in the children. We believe in her vision of equipping children to walk in the power of God, fully recommend
her and her materials to anyone wanting to take their children into a deeper life in the Spirit.
—Ray Hughes
Author, Storyteller
Songwriter Poet

Redefining Children’s Ministry is a Must Read

Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century is a must read for all parents, children’s workers, and those who are longing to see kids experience more of the Father and
His power in their lives at a young age. This is a tool to equip you to empower this generation in a tangible way. I value the ease with
which this comes across. It has really challenged me to press into the ‘more’ for this generation.
—Daphne Clark
Former Children’s Pastor
Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship

Becky Fischer was a wonderful addition to the teaching at the Global School of Supernatural Ministry. In the students’ words, ‘Becky gave
fresh insight and revelation to me as someone who never gave a second thought to children’s ministry. I am now convinced of the importance and necessity to have our students flowing in the presence of the gifts of the Spirit.’ We look forward to having her back year after year.
—Tom Ruotolo
Randy Clark’s Global School of Supernatural Ministry

I am so thankful that Becky has been raised up as a “trumpet” to wake up the church! The five-fold ministry gifts are given to “perfect
the saints for the work of the ministry”and that includes children who are born again! Becky has done a superb job in challenging the status quo and giving practical, but spiritual, solutions how to train them to take their place in the Body of Christ. Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century is required reading in our ICMI in the USA.
—Gwen Moffat Davis
President Latter Rain Ministries
Founder and Int’l Director of the Int’l Children’s Ministry Institute

Becky’s book is a long awaited answer to my prayers! It bares her soul and God’s heart. Becky is thorough and forthright in addressing
some pretty naked truths about where the Church is today in contrast to where it should be regarding its own children. However, she
clothes these truths with a humble, yearning spirit that also comes through loud and clear.
—Esther Ilnisky
The Esther Network International
Children’s Global Prayer Movement

Paperback $12.99
PDF Download $8.99


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