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School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry | All 3 Levels


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FINALLY! An online School of Supernatural Ministry for Children’s Ministry!

As far as we know there is not another correspondence training school like the School of  Supernatural Children’s Ministry

This is a one-of-a-kind correspondence course that teaches parents and children’s ministers the basics of children’s ministry, but also our distinctive, which is taking children into the presence of God and equipping them to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

Kids are Hungry for the Supernatural

The School of Supernatural Ministry exciting life-changing, go-at-your-own-pace course is available in 45 hours of video teaching, and is also available as an online course. SSCM will radically change how you view children and ministry and parenting to them forever.

Kids today are hungry for the supernatural, and this course shows you how to bring them into their God-given spiritual destiny which they were born for. The School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry is the tool you have been praying for whether you are a parent or a children’s ministry worker.

This is prophetic training online for you, so you will be able to turn around and equip your children to walk in the prophetic, supernatural power of God.

“Those 45 classes, if people knew how great they are, they would take every one of them.” Mark Gardner, 2018 SSCM graduate, AG Missionary to the South Pacific Islands

Now we have made SSCM easier and more affordable than ever!

We have broken SSCM down into three unique levels. Take all three levels, or just the one that is best for your specific needs and interests. Purchase one level at a time, or all three at once for a special price savings.

MP4s on USB Drive Regularly $275 / On Sale $255
MP4 Download Versions – $240

The Levels are:
Level One: Children’s Ministry Basics
Level Two: Supernatural Children’s Ministry (Advanced Classes)
Level Three: Revolutionary Family Ministry

Level One: Children’s Ministry Basics is perfect for those who have never been trained in children’s ministry, because it has 16 classes that cast vision, but also give practical, hands on training to help teachers give kids the meat o God’s word, shows them how to equip children for the work of the ministry, and trains them to take children into the presence of God for a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit every week. So even if you have been trained in other courses, we guarantee what you will learn here will be totally unique. For DVDs click here. For MP4s click here.

Level Two: Supernatural Children’s Ministry (Advanced Classes) is for kids ministers, parents and anyone who wants to learn more about walking in the supernatural power of God. Each session tackles some of the most sought after information on how to hear God’s voice, operate in the gifts of the Spirit, and the supernatural world our kids are currently living in. These are topics seldom touched for leaders in children’s ministry nor parents.

Level Three: Revolutionary Family Ministry looks closely at how parents can be more intentional about raising their children to be spiritual champions when they become young adults. It’s far too common that today’s Christian kids leave the church as they age out of kids ministry, and parents seem helpless to know what to do about it. These classes

Our Core Values Are What Makes Us Different

In the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry you will learn the three core values practiced by Kids in Ministry International that make it unique among most children’s ministries. Learning to do these three things will change your children and ministry to them forever! They are:

  • Giving kids the meat (deep truths and doctrines) of God’s Word
  • Equipping children for the work of the believer’s ministry. (Mark 16:15-18)
  • Creating opportunities for kids to encounter the presence of God regularly.

A School of Supernatural Ministry Specifically for Parents and Kids Ministers

Although we also give attention to the important basics in children’s ministry in the school of supernatural children’s ministry, we take it much further by showing both parents and church leaders how to teach children to hear God’s voice, become worshipers, prayer warriors, prophetic spokesmen, to heal the sick, operate in the gifts of the Spirit, be led by the Spirit of God, do signs and wonders, and become active members in the body of Christ while they are still children.

We train you to not only realize the importance of creating an atmosphere where children can encounter the presence of God, but we show you how to actually do it each and every time you meet with them. This is a unique quality not normally found in other traditional children’s ministry environments. Don’t be satisfied for your kids to encounter the presence of God just once a year at kids camp! You can have a sense of true revival on an ongoing basis in your own children’s ministry or home as you are trained through SSCM.

How Does the School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry Work?

SSCM  Certification May Be for You

For those who are interested, we offer a Certificate of Completion for those SSCM students who do the necessary homework requirements which are very simple. Work at your own pace. For students who take the online course, the enrollment fee is included in the price of the course. Once you have completed the online course, you will be sent an email notification immediately that you have passed the course. We then add you to our list of graduates, and will send you a digital copy .

For those who study via the DVD or MP4 versions of SSCM, there is an Enrollment Form to be printed out and sent in along with a one-time $20 registration fee if the purchaser desires to officially enroll as a student. They will then be assigned a KIMI coach to help you throughout the training. the coach sends the students the tests for each session, grades it and returns it to the student. The student is then notified by the coach that the course has been successfully completed.

For those who are not interested in being certified, but prefer to only audit the course, no tests are necessary.

(Please note: Only the graduates who attend the graduation ceremonies in person receive a printed copy of their certificate. All others receive a digital copy.)

Buy All three Levels at once (DVDs are best for viewing in large groups on overhead projectors. MP4s are best used on mobile devices or a computer.)

MP4s on USB Drive Regularly $275 / On Sale $255
MP4 Download Versions – $240





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