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There’s Power in the Blood – Kid Friendly!


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Casey Dubbs wrote on Facebook: “We have done several of Becky’s curriculums. They are all fabulous but this one is my favorite! Can’t recommend enough!”

Jeanette Rachinger wrote on Facebook: “At first I was very hesitant about this curriculum but it is so powerful – essential and foundational.”

Blood seems like such a terrible topic to discuss with kids. But we promise this is a kid-friendly series! Understanding the Power in the Blood of Jesus is critical to Christian faith. Our children need to know about it. Without it, they cannot understand their salvation. What is it about blood, which we normally think of as grotesque, that has caused Christians in every generation to actually celebrate it? 

We cannot possibly fully understand our salvation and what it does for us if we do not understand the important sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. It is one of the most critical and foundational topics you can teach your children.

Through the blood, we gain access to God in worship and prayer. The Bible tells Christians to come boldly into God’s presence, “We have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus” (Hebrews 10:19). If you are a Christian today, you can have boldness and confidence as you approach God with your prayers and your worship, because you are no longer far away from God, “Now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been made near by the blood of Christ” (Ephesians 2:13).

From Genesis to Revelation it is Discussed

This is a thorough study on what the Bible has to say about it from Genesis to Revelation, and it’s relevancy to our lives and salvation. These lessons help our children make sense of how the Old Testament Bible stories are important to understanding Jesus and His sacrifice.

This curriculum will take your children from the Garden of Eden where blood was shed for sins for the first time all the way to the book of Revelation when it ultimately makes us victorious over all. In every book of the Bible we can follow the “scarlet thread.”

Much time is spent describing the Old Testament Tabernacle of Moses, and it’s relationship to animal sacrifices, which were the types and shadows of Jesus’ future sacrifice. From the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb, to the sacrifices of bloods, bulls, and goats, the children learn how they were used until the ultimate, perfect sacrifice of Jesus could be made.

The Old and New Covenant

In the Old Testament, God laid out a divine plan to restore His people back to Himself through what is known as the Mosaic Law. This Law required the shedding of blood as a sacrificial offering to cover the sins of mankind. Most of us are aware that after the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden that God Himself prepared the first blood sacrifice. Adam and Eve were ashamed, due to their sin, and attempted to “cover” themselves with fig leaves. However, the covering mankind attempts to provide for himself is unacceptable to God. Only God can adequately deal with our sin, and that requires the shedding of blood just as it has from the Garden.

God so desired fellowship with man that He, Himself, shed the blood of animals and brought their skins to provide a covering for the sins of Adam and Eve. This act was the way God “redeemed” mankind from sin—through the shedding of blood. This became a foreshadowing of a covenant with all mankind.

In the Old Testament, after the Law was given, the blood of lambs and other animals was required to make mankind “righteous.” But please note that the blood of animals was atonement (cover) for sin, but because it was only the blood of an animal, it had limited efficacy (see Leviticus 4:35; 5:10; Psalm 85:2). When Jesus was born, however, He was destined to be our sacrificial lamb, born to die for our sins. His death at the Cross didn’t simply “cover” sin forward a year—no! It completely “removed” the sins of mankind—forever! (see John 1:291 John 1:7Revelation 1:5).

Children are not to young to learn about this adult topic. When taught simply and on their level of understanding, it has fascinated boys and girls for generations. This subject helps them connect the Old Testament stories with the New Testament, and the Bible as whole, begins to make sense. By studying this topic, they truly learn what the Bible is all about.

For those who use our entire set of curriculum, this is one of the most colorful and popular series we have. Our curriculums are uniquely designed for use in Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Spirit-filled Churches.

What Makes KIMI Curriculums so Unique? 
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13 Lesson Titles in There’s Power in the Blood:
You’ve never have never heard it taught this way before!

  • A Story About Blood
  • Why Blood?
  • Types & Shadows
  • Like Father, Like Son
  • Our Passover Lamb
  • Healing in the Blood
  • The Blood of Bulls & Goats
  • The Most Holy Place
  • The High Priest
  • The Blood Covenant
  • The Son of Promise
  • The Communion Table
  • Pleading the Blood

What’s Included in There’s Power in the Blood:

  • 13 dynamic lessons
  • 13 skits for either drama or puppetry
  • 13 Power Verse Activities
  • 13 Experiencing God Sessions
  • Multiple Objects Lessons Per Lesson
  • 15 Review Questions for each lesson
  • 10 Scriptures Per Lesson for a Sword Drill


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